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Cons of using LED bulbs

  • Cost - although the cost keeps going down, LED's are still expensive. A single AC bulb (17 LED), replacing a 25 watt incandescent, will cost about $40.

  • Non Dimmable - Using a dimmer might damage the LED bulb.

  • Internal toxic substances - LED's use silicon doped with exotic heavy metals such as cadmium, cesium, arsenic, tin, and yes, mercury. Also, LED's are attached to circuits with electronic solder, which is 60% lead, 39% tin, and 1% silver.

  • Light Field - LED's are focused lights, and therefore are best as task specific lighting such as reading lights, desk lamps, night lights, spotlights, security lights, signage lighting, etc. They do not radiate light in 360 degrees as an incandescent does. The light will be bright where you point it towards.

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